Day Two

We woke up in Tangier, without much of a plan for the country at all. We searched out an Internet Cafe to look up maps, routes and potential Couchsurfing hosts.

We decided to start our journey along the coast before heading inland to the Atlas Mountains, and then South to the Sahara Desert. I searched Couchsurfing and found a host just 45 kilometers South, in Azilah. Last minute couch requests don’t always work, but Abdulahdi had his phone number on his profile.

We were in luck! Abdulahdi couldn’t provide us with accomodation, but was available to host and hang anyway.

The 45 kilometer ride passed quickly as we were seeing and experiencing one new thing after another. I was pleasantly surprised by the traffic. Cars did come much closer to me than my comfort level allows, but it seemed pretty similar to Portugal. Not too bad, because I was expecting chaos on the roads like India.

Our Couchsurfing host, Abdulahdi and one of his buddies met us in the Medina when we arrived to Azilah. The Medinas in Morocco are the old parts of town, many are built with castle-like walls and structures. The Medina in Azilah was especially beautiful and I had a feeling this town was just what we had been longing for.

We spent the next hours walking through the town and sharing cultures. Kyle and I had loads o questions about the country, so it was great to have a local host.

About MollyJo

Years of travel, transpired into a journey through the suffering world in search for the collective justice our society has forgotten. Images and stories through the eyes and heart of one global citizen.
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