First Week in Georgia

We have had nothing but wonderful experiences since we arrived in Georgia last week. The rainy weather has been a nice break after the heat of Morocco & Turkey, and we have used it as an excuse for more rest days.


We spent three nights at the visitor’s center in The Mtirala National Park. The accommodation and food was surprisingly better priced than what we had experienced thus far in Georgia… I think it is due to the fixed prices. Just like any other country, prices seem to be unreasonably high for white English speakers.

We met four Georgian guys celebrating at the park bar. They invited us for food, drinks and music. I danced so hard my entire body was sore the next day, but it was more than worth it!


When our cash ran out we finally cycled out. The roads were wet and muddy from the days of rain. I managed to fall in a huge puddle, about a foot deep. It left the entire left side of my pack soaking wet.

We spent that night camping at a beach bar/ restaurant right on the Black Sea. We spun fire for the family owners as they kept the glasses of wine coming.

I loved sleeping so close to the sea. The loud waves crashing helped me sleep peacefully, not far from the highway. I was thankful to be back in the tent for the night. Back to the simple life.


About MollyJo

Years of travel, transpired into a journey through the suffering world in search for the collective justice our society has forgotten. Images and stories through the eyes and heart of one global citizen.
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