Getting the Bikes Back in Shape

Kyle and I set off on our bicycles from Fort Bragg, California just a few days before Thanksgiving. We had intentions of cycling South along Highway 1 to San Diego in time for Christmas, but a more than a few bumps in the road deterred that goal from happening. We experienced three big storms during our month on the coast. We endured winds up to 75 mph, heavy rain for days, flooding on the roads and in campgrounds, closed parks and lots of down trees.

We experienced so much hospitality during the first storm, that it wasn’t until the second storm that we discovered we had a leaky tent.  That led to a detour to Santa Rosa, and time with a good friend.

We experienced one breath-taking view after another, as each and every day brought new dramatic coastal views.  We were able to camp in the Redwoods, in Big Sur and in Monterrey.

We were welcomed with hospitality in ways we couldn’t have imagined. From making arrangements on Warmshowers and Couchsurfing, to meeting locals at the post office, we had our fair share of warm and comforting nights along the way.

We made it to San Luis Obispo when my family opened a group home for three emergency placements. The home was opened one day after notification from the state. Kyle and I decided to head to Phoenix, as we knew the first few weeks without staff would be A LOT of work. We had experienced this first, and decided to shorten our trip for the time being.

We rented a van from San Luis Obispo and drove the rest of the way home. We will be starting from SLO in just a few weeks time.

About MollyJo

Years of travel, transpired into a journey through the suffering world in search for the collective justice our society has forgotten. Images and stories through the eyes and heart of one global citizen.
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